Rue du Maire Kuss, where our hotel is located, is pedestrianized (except from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.), so it is impossible to park there.


* We advise you to park your vehicle (if it is less than 1m90 high) at Parking Wodli located at 1 Boulevard du President Wilson next to the central station.

Don't forget to ask for a discount card before leaving the hotel, this will give you the rate of €11/24h instead of €20/24h.

Its operation is simple: when leaving the car park, go to the payment terminals. Insert your ticket (the one you received when entering the car park), once the amount to be paid is displayed, insert the discount card that we will have given you at the same place. You can then pay and leave the car park.


** If your vehicle is more than 1m90 high, we suggest the relay-Elsau car park, which is the only one able to accommodate this type of vehicle, the complete list of: relay car parks, the price is less than 5€ / 24h with obligation to move his vehicle every 24h. It includes the price of parking as well as a round trip by tram for all occupants of the vehicle.